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About the Life Story Program

“Jay is changing the conversation in hospice from dying to celebrating life.”

Denise Carson
Author of Parting Ways: New Rituals and Celebrations of Life’s Passing and the Hospice Blog OurLifeCelebrations.com
Jay Gianukos - Program Director
Lifestory Pricing:

Edited Film

For interviews and editing the cost is $1600 for each full day of taping. (4 days of work) We have a minimum of a half day.

Raw Footage

For interviews and providing only the Raw footage the cost is $800 for each full day of taping. (2 days of work) We have a minimum of a half day.

Once the training is complete, the Nurses, Social Workers and Spiritual Care Coordinators can introduce patients and their families to this wonderful service that the volunteer program provides. We record and conduct the first few interviews with the Volunteer Coordinator present at the taping. Then the coordinator will take over the taping.

For security purposes, the footage is processed by us and copies are sent to the editor. When complete, the coordinator will send the families copies. The normal turnaround for edited videos is 3 to 6 months. If the patient and the family wants to have a screening of the video with the patient present we can assist in editing the video to expedite the production.

Susan reflects on her moms Life Story video in this commercial that we produced for Hospice Care of the West.
Richard reflects on his fathers Life Story video
The volunteer editor meets the patient, Howard, the star of the Life Story video.


Client Family Experience

The Life Story Documentaries change the conversation from dying to a celebration of life. In doing so, families look back at their experience with hospice as a place where healing began and where a wonderful recording was made of the person they loved. Many families have said the Life Story Documentary is the greatest gift they have ever received.

Volunteer Hours

Each Life Story Documentary should generate 20 – 40 volunteer hours from the editor. Screenings of the video allow for more volunteers to be involved.

Increased Referrals

Our website will seamlessly integrate with your website. One click and the families can log into their password protected page. On that page they will see your company logo and be able to return to your website at any time.

We Love What We Do

Jay Gianukos is an award winning documentary filmmaker who began making Life Story Documentaries while in college. Over the last 15 years he has worked as a professional Life Story Documentary filmmaker producing, directing, recording and editing hundreds of Life Story Documentaries. It is his passion and his calling to provide every person with an opportunity to share their story with the ones they love. While the director of Forever Studio’s, Jay was instrumental in creating the largest private online archive of Life Story Documentaries in the world.


The audience of the Life Story Documentary can reach beyond the immediate family. Each Life Story Page becomes a advertisement for your Hospice, providing new opportunities to generate word of mouth and referral business. Testimonials are a highly effective marketing tool, and every documentary has the potential to become a testimonial for your business. When families experience the taping and viewing of the Life Story Documentaries they talk about their hospice experience in a more celebratory way. We work closely with marketing departments to provide them with any media they would need to help promote your business.

Company Culture

Hospice employees rarely look at what they do as a job. For most it is a calling. The Nurses, Social Workers, Spiritual Care Coordinators and Home Health Aids develop deep bonds with their patients and families. Just like the families, employees are comforted knowing that their patients are being treated with a high level of dignity and honored with the preserving of their story. Often, employees will request copies of the videos so that they too can reconnect with the patient after they are gone. The Life Story Program shows your staff how much you appreciate the intense emotional commitment that the job entails, helping to build a healthy workplace culture.

Program Services and Cost

Media Management
  • Personally Copy Footage from Camera (never mailed)
  • Backup Footage
  • Convert Footage
  • Upload Documentary
  • Replace Flawed DVDS
  • Assist with Screening
  • Assist with editing for patients that are setting up a screening with their family.
Web Based Presentation
Clients and families will be able to access a private Life Story Page where they can view the Life Story Documentary and Photographs. The Life Story Program website provides secure, easy to navigate archive, and families can have confidence that the stories they love will always be available to them. We tastefully integrate social media, making it easy to share these priceless videos with family and friends while at the same time spreading the word about about your Hospice and the services you provide.
Training and Presentations
  • Meet with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Meet with Executive Director
  • Meet with Marketing Team
  • Train Editors: Technical/Artistic
  • Present to All Staff Meeting
  • How to Present Life Story Documentary to patient and Family, Nurses, Social Workers, Spiritual Care Present Life Story Highlight at a company wide event (Can Show at Holiday Party)
  • Assist with editing for patients that are setting up a screening with their family.
    We’ve taken over fifteen years of experience and an intimate knowledge of Hospice Care to create a unique, highly scalable system. The Life Story University volunteer training program allows us to provide you a basic platform that costs as little as $500 per month. More than a just service that enhances your ability to provide comfort your your patients and families, The Life Story Program provides a valuable bonus: video is a powerful marketing tool.

What people say?

Jay's technical expertise is only outdone by his natural instincts as a storyteller.

John Salcido

What people say?

A master videographer – whose edgy and innovative interpretation, skillfully captivates the viewer.

Helen Swaby

What people say?

It was perfect. He was able to capture all the love, excitement, and fun.

Mitch Blumenfeld

Training Training Videos Available Soon

Staff Awareness
For the Life Story Program to be most effective then the hospice staff needs to be aware of what the program is and their role in helping communicate to the patients and families what the program does. We will make a presentation at an all staff meeting. We will bring together any staff members that work closely with the patient and train them on how to communicate what the program is and how the patient and families would benefit from the experience. In the end the staff will take great pride in knowing this service is available to the patient.
Volunteer Coordinator
We will train the Volunteer Coordinator on how to shoot and conduct the interviews. We will shoot the first two with the coordinator and then be present when the coordinator conducts the third. We will provide them with ways to find editors and guidelines for the editors to follow. Once the program is up and running the Volunteer Coordinator will be managing the volunteers and we will manage the media and technology.
The Program in Action
Our Life Celebrations
Many wonderful stories about the Life Review program at Hospice Care of the West at told by Denise Carson on her blog Our Life Celebrations Our Life Celebrations<
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